Making #crazydoglady look cool since 1982

When I'm not smooching on your pups, I'm curled up with my own furbaby, a Goldendoodle named Gino, and a glass of red wine while watching the only channel I ever need—Bravo! I stay active both because I love to workout and because I can't sit still. Pizza and quality time are my love languages, bonus points if they're together.

a girl on a mission to pet all the dogs, so I made it my business.

Hey there, I'm Jen!

So, when a thoughtful and generous friend (Hi Betsy!) gifted me a DSLR camera for my birthday years ago, it wasn't as random as it may at first seemed. I hit the ground running photographing my then dog walking clients and progressed to friends and then strangers' dogs. What started as a hobby is now my passion. I can't wait to meet your pup, hear their story, and capture their personality in photos. Are you ready? 

I've been obsessed with photos for as long as I can remember

My journey